Friday, December 21, 2007

Ray Bradbury--the lost book

I was never more embarrassed then when one of my friends lent me her huge collection of Ray Bradbury stories. I read them all, then returned it at work by leaving it on her desk before a holiday. The book was never found again by anyone she or I knew. It was a tradgedy. I looked everywhere for a replacement but never found them. My favorites of his stories, well all of them, still, in picking the two out that stick in my mind, Dandelion Wine is high as is the story of the house that kept on being alive after everything else on earth was dead. Maybe it even shaped my future writing direction. Out of Dandelion Wine, I remember the boy's new tennis shoes, the tinker, and the discovery that people could die--what a haunting tale that was. My first tennis shoes really shaped me in another way--I refused to be tied into the high heel scene,

Anyway, it makes interesting memories. Read more of mine>

In other news, winter birding is picking up. This week we spotted a peregrine falcon on our sumac and today, we spotted pigeon guillemot in winter coloring. Whenever birds change color, it feels just like discovering a new bird to see them out and about. I didn't get the picture, but the one of the Western Grebe turned out pretty good.

See above.

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