Sunday, December 23, 2007

Port Townsend day trip by passenger only ferry from Seattle

Neat weather patterns permitted our trip on Friday to turn out wonderfully. Sun peeking out downtown Port Townsend left it a bit cold and chilly, but we still enjoyed the beaches and marina and some of the lovely wooden boats made in town. We took a special passenger only ferry from Seattle available through Jan. 6, 2008. Normally to go to Port Townsend, you have to drive through Tacoma and over the Tacoma narrows bridge and when you get there, you have a real fun time trying to find parking and navigating the tourist clogged streets. The town is rather quiet now. The regular ferry was taken off the run due to rust problems and many of the businesses are feeling the heat. Shopping can net the smart shopper good deals. Read more about our trip and some reasons why to go.

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