Friday, January 20, 2012

Garden Planning for Our Home in Florida

We moved into a new house in Florida and I liked little about the house except for that we were in a more private area than some places--I didn't like the flooring, the house colors inside or out, and the fact that there were NO flowers, if you can believe it.

The main plant in the garden formed a hedge, and no animal sought it out except occasionally to sit on it on the way to our bird feeder. We hired someone to pull it all out.

The last month or two, I've designed a bunch of gardens, selecting native plants, most of which are drought tolerant, tolerate sandy soil and probably alkaline soil as a result, flower, fruit, or produce colorful seed heads or leaves. Instead of a solid mass of single shape and color hedge that is noisy to cut, requires constant pruning, I imagine I will have flowers, color, and only occasional pruning. What a change in attitude it will provide for me.

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