Thursday, October 01, 2009

Temporal Void and The Man with the Iron Heart

The Temporal Void, by Peter F. Hamilton

Temporal Void’s action-packed start begins with the destruction of a research station at the edge of the Void. This is quickly followed by three story strands unfolding, all tight little subplots dealing with the politics of the various factions wanting to go into the Void and wanting to prevent humanity from going into the Void. Second Dreamer Araminta has refused the Sky Lord’s invitation into the Void, upsetting the Living Dream to know end. Living Dream invades her planet and the hunt for her is on; all she wants is to have babies and fix houses. ANA Security Officer Paula is hunting down clues and stumbles into a tricky situation where her arch-nemesis Cat has returned.

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The Man with the Iron Heart, by Harry Turtledove

Fans of Harry Turtledove and newcomers to his science fiction involving alternate histories of World War II will appreciate the exciting study of what happens to a country that surrenders but the soldiers continue to battle on in the Man with the Iron Heart. The analogy to many peace keeping situations in the world is informative while the contest between civil government and guerilla warfare keeps the pages turning.

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