Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hong Kong's Space Museum

On our last day of our vacation we visited Hong Kong's Space Museum. We tried three times to get inside, the first night we discovered it was closed on Tuesday, the second day we discovered it was free entry day but didn't open until 1 pm. The museum was filled with school children that were very interested in many of the displays. The content included information on The Big Bang, The Solar System, Galaxy's, The Sun, Imaging, Telescopes and how they work, plus information about the beginnings of astronomy. We managed to find a diagram about the Chinese satellite launch sites and a space suit made for Chinese astronauts and a profile of their first astronaut. It was pretty standard fare but contained good quality information. There were many hands on activities that were quite popular--a VR hang gliding ride, a Moon gravity ride, a simulator of extravehicular equipment and lots of diagrams where things lit up to demonstrate the differences. Displays were provided in both Chinese and English. The main event though was the planetarium, lectures, and movies shown in the planetarium. Definitely worth a visit.

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